Soil To Mind

"Dharma is not a matter of intellectual study and debate. It is a way of life"- Sri Tathata
Human being is the noblest of all created beings, but we lost sight of that nobility. The nobility ascribed to man is because of his ability to the divine fulfilment of life.

Like an air blow removes the dust on a table and a water blow cleans the dirt from a glass top - Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation and drinking enough water removes dust and toxins from our body, prana and mind. The worries of life and the distorted and unhealthy food habits have made us a generation polluted more than the generations before. People have forgotten or neglected the soul’s natural way of accumulating knowledge and experiencing life; we are rushing behind the physical pleasure and wealth. This neglecting of the souls and the imbalance of life is reflected in the increased mental, physical and behavioural disorders.

Without balancing body, Prana and Mind moving ahead will be disastrous. In-case we go ahead we are going to encounter more impaired souls and polluted bodies around us and it will reflect in increased diseases and mental disorders and unexpected behaviours.

Realizing the need of the time many are tuning their lives to a balanced lifestyle. The balanced life starts from the soil. Cultivate organic food material in flora and prepare food with ayurvedic health principles will energize the body. Through Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation take this energy to the Prana. When you are energetic in Prana you start enjoying life and keep away deceases and worries.

The twenty one days ‘soil to mind’ yoga retreat is designed to create intense awareness of the benefit of protecting our soil and cultivating and eating organic food and making Yoga, Pranayama and meditation our daily routine. The typical program included in the twenty one days retreat is as given below.

Daily schedule

  • 1. 5.00 AM-Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation
  • 2. 6.15 AM-Sun gazing and salutation
  • 3. 6.30 AM-Sunrise Homam
  • 4. Daily Ayurvedic Consultation & Massage(Appropriate timing)
  • 5. 8.00 AM-Organic Vegetarian Breakfast
  • 6. 7.15 AM & 7.15 PM-Learn Yog Sutras, Powerful Sanskrit Mantras and insight into the ‘Dharmasutra’-the new age dharma
  • 7. 2.00 PM-Organic Farm Visit and Awareness Classes(Friday)
  • 8. 2.00 PM-Indigenous Gosala (Cattle Farm Visit on Friday)
  • 9. 1.00 PM-Organic Vegetarian Lunch
  • 10. 8.30 AM-Pharmacy Visit and Awareness Classes(Wednesday)
  • 11. 4.30 PM-Introduction to ancient martial arts ‘Kalari’
  • 12. 3.30 PM-Cooking Class
  • 13. 5.30 PM-Organic Vegetable Dinner
  • 14. 6.00 PM-Sun gazing and salutation
  • 15. 6.30 PM-Evening Homam and Chanting
  • 16. 7.00 PM-Bhajan(Divine Songs)(Monday & Friday)